Treatment by
David W. Richardson
Copyright 2001

 The Dramatic Narrative Synopsis of Opening Sequence
 A young woman and her parents are jogging in a wooded resort area.  They are dressed in expensive looking jogging attire, and all are very neatly groomed.  They laugh and talk about their yacht and their upcoming trip – a cruise to Cozumel.

 At the urging of the young woman, the trio takes what appears to be a rarely used path in the woods.  Jogging down it for a bit, they suddenly run into trouble – a gang of tough looking men, obviously in the middle of a large drug deal.

 Horrified, the girl is forced to watch as her parents are beaten to death.  Then she is viciously raped by all the men, before being beaten unconscious and left for dead.

 She awakens in the hospital with little memory of what happened.  She knows her parents are dead, but she cannot remember the faces of the men who killed them and ravaged her.  The only glimpse she can recall is of a tattoo on the forearm of their leader – the image of an attacking red tiger.  It is an image she will never forget.

 She survives.  But her personality has completely changed.  The sole heir to her family's fortune, she now devotes herself to learning the martial arts.  She becomes an expert at Tae Kwon Do.  She also becomes very proficient with using and throwing her favorite weapon – the stiletto knife.  She reads voraciously.  She vows to spend her life looking for the man with the attacking tiger tattoo, and avenge her parents – and herself.  As a symbol of her quest, Stiletto bears a tattoo – a red tiger, dead, with a stiletto knife through its heart.

 And she begins to play her music.
 Summarizing the Action of Act 1:
 Her name is STILETTO. No one knows her real name.  Maybe she doesn't have one anymore.  Everyone calls her Stiletto.

 She's the singer in a hard rock band called Spy.  She also plays guitar.  She dresses in black and carries a stiletto knife in her belt.  She looks for trouble.

 She and her band have just finished a long night of playing hard and heavy rock and roll in the raunchiest dive in Dallas.  It's four in the morning, and the owner of the bar is trying to stiff her on the pay.

 "Why don't y'all finish out the week?" the owner says.  "I'll make it worth your while."  He leers at her with lust in his eyes and an evil cackle in his voice.

 In a flash, Stiletto leaps over the bar.  With a swift karate kick to the side of the head, she dispatches the nearest bouncer.  She grabs the owner by the throat and rams him hard against the wall.  Whipping the stiletto knife from its sheath, she thrusts it menacingly towards the other bouncer.

 "Live or die?!" she yells at the bouncer.  He stops his advance and backs slowly away.

 She turns her attention to the bar owner, who is gasping for breath as her fingers close around his throat.  She puts her face close to his, glaring into his panicked eyes.

 "I told you," she hisses.  "I only do one night stands."

 Next, we see the band members sitting in their all-black van in the parking lot of the bar.  Stiletto comes walking out the door, the money in her hand.

 "Let's go, boys." she says.
 The Dramatic Narrative Synopsis of Plot Point 1:
 The band has found a gig at a seedy watering hole in Alabama.  It's full of drunks and brawlers.  The band plays its usual kick-ass rock set, but no one is listening.  They're too busy drinking, yelling and fighting to pay the band much attention.

 At the end of the night, the band packs up.  In a corner of the bar, a man and woman have been talking tensely.  Finally, their conversation erupts into a full blown fight.

 "Dammit, Joe!  I gotta go find my sister!" the woman says.

 "The hell you do!" replies JOE.  "You ain't gonna go chasing that little slut down!"

 "That 'little slut' is my sister, you asshole!  An' I gotta go find out what's happened to her!"

 The woman starts to walk out, but Joe grabs her by the arm and spins her around roughly.  He shoves her hard up against the wall.

 "Stop it!" she screams.  But Joe doesn't stop.  He slaps her full across the face, and the woman collapses in tears.

 "You ain't gonna do a damn thing but git your ass home, y'hear?!"

 "No, Joe!  NO!" the woman cries.

 Joe raises his hand to hit her again, but someone taps him on the shoulder.  He turns, and a fist strikes him dead in the face, knocking him back into the wall.  It's Stiletto.  She pauses a moment so Joe can recover his senses, hoping he will try to defend himself.  Like a fool, he does.  He swings at Stiletto, who blocks him neatly before delivering an elbow to his ear.  This stuns Joe again.  In a rage, he attacks – and Stiletto fells him with a sharp kick to the chest, followed by an elbow to the back of his neck.  Joe falls to the floor and does not rise.

 Stiletto goes to the woman, who has watched all this in amazement.  The woman introduces herself as MEGAN.  The boys in the band, having taken this all in stride, have packed the equipment and loaded it into the van.  Stiletto takes Megan out to the van.

 Megan tells Stiletto that her sister, AMY, has been working in a bikers' strip club down in Miami called the Hell Hole.  They had always kept in close touch – Amy called Megan every Sunday night.  Lately, Amy had been afraid of the owner of the club, a man she knew only as PARIAH.  She would not say why she was afraid.  Then, about three weeks ago, her calls stopped.

 Megan had tried to call Amy, but the number she gave has been disconnected.  She can't find any phone listing or any information for the Hell Hole.  She doesn't even know where it is, except that it's in Miami.  She had finally decided to go to Florida to look for her sister, and that's when Joe got in the way.

 Stiletto turns to the band.  "Well boys, we're going to Florida."

 Summarizing the Obstacles of Act 2:
 Stiletto and Megan search for the Hell Hole, without luck.  So Stiletto contacts her associate – the only man she trusts, the only man she cares about – Steen.  Stiletto and Steen have never met.  She contacts him via the Internet, where they talk but cannot see each other.  Steen is brilliant, and commands a network of intelligence operatives all over the globe whose job it is to ferret out information.  To Stiletto, he is a mystery man – charming, intelligent, and strong, yet caring and sensitive.  He understands her mission, and helps her whenever she requires it.  Stiletto tells him that one day she will track him down and they will meet at last.

 "And when I finally meet you face to face, I'm either going to kick your ass or screw your brains out!"

 Steen chuckles.  "Come and get me!"

 What Stiletto does not know is that Steen is a quadriplegic – totally paralyzed from the neck down.  He controls his sophisticated equipment, and everything else in his life, through a series of high tech mouth control devices.

 Steen, turns up information on a bikers' rally being held nearby.  At the rally, Stiletto meets a biker named CHAINS.  She flirts with him, and he responds.  Chains tells Stiletto that their club will be partying at their favorite watering hole, and he thinks she and her band should play there tonight.  He tells her where to find the place – the Hell Hole.  Chains tells her to ask for the bar's manager, a black biker named MACE.

 It's late afternoon when they arrive at the Hell Hole.  Stiletto goes in to talk to Mace.  The black biker is skeptical.  But then one of the bikers comes over and grabs Stiletto.  She dispatches him quickly with her martial arts.  Mace is impressed.

 "Still……there's only one way you're playing in this bar."

 Stiletto looks at Mace for a long moment.  Then she says, "Maybe we can make a deal."

 We cut to a time a short while later.  Stiletto is coming out of Mace's office, buttoning her shirt.  We can see a shirtless Mace sitting in a chair in the office, a satisfied look on his face.

 That night Spy is playing at the bar.  The guys are shirtless – Stiletto and Megan are also shirtless, but wearing bras.  Stiletto takes this in stride, but Megan is visibly self-conscious.

 "How did you get him to let us keep our bras on?" Megan asks.  Stiletto looks at her.

 "You don't want to know," she replies.

 During a break, Stiletto talks with Chains.  She asks if he remembers a girl matching Amy's description.  He does remember her.  In fact, Chains had quite a crush on Amy before Pariah took her to 'The House'.

 "That's where they chain 'em to beds and let the guys take turns raping 'em all night long.  Eventually, it breaks 'em and they turn tricks after that."  Chains shudders.  He tells Stiletto that after the girls' spirits are broken, Pariah sells them to overseas mobsters, who deport them into white slavery rings.  "Once they go to The House, they don't never come back."

 Stiletto asks how well Chains knows Pariah.  Chains instantly becomes frightened.  He tells her no one gets close to Pariah – and lives.  Pariah knows no law.  He has killed men – and women – for the most minor offense.  All the bikers know to steer clear of him.

 Stiletto prods for more information on Pariah, promising Chains sexual favors.  Finally, he tells her that Pariah comes into the Hell Hole at midnight every night to pick up the cash in the tills.

 "You'll know him when you see him.  He looks like he just rode outta hell."

 Stiletto lives up to her promise to Chains, sliding beneath the table, the tablecloth hiding what she's doing.

 The Dramatic Narrative Synopsis of Plot Point 2:
 The band is playing at midnight when Pariah walks in.  He is a huge, ugly looking man, dressed in leathers and sporting more scars than clean flesh.  Pariah notices both Stiletto and Megan.  Before Stiletto can act, Pariah has the women captured and brought to his office.  Stiletto could easily fight her way free, but she fears for Megan's safety.  Besides, if she's going to find Amy, she's going to have to get inside The House.

 Stiletto and Megan are taken to The House – a formidable looking three-story house, with armed biker guards at the doors.  They are separated, and Stiletto is taken into a small room with only a bed in it.  She is tied to the bed, still wearing her bra and pants, and left there.  A biker comes and brings Stiletto's clothes and personal items from the Hell Hole.  He leaves them on the floor in a corner of the room.

 A tough looking biker named Blackie comes in the room.  He is about to rape Stiletto when suddenly her hands are at his throat – she has cut through her ropes using her sharpened titanium fake fingernails.  With a quick slash, she severs Blackie's jugular and he dies.  Stiletto cuts the rest of her bonds, and puts on her clothes.

 She goes into the hall and searches the other rooms, releasing the captives she finds there.  From time to time, she encounters one of the bikers, and dispatches them quickly and quietly to the hereafter.

 She finds Megan, and together they find Amy – who despite weeks of almost non-stop rapes, still has not been broken.  Stiletto tells Megan to take Amy and flee the house.  She is going after Pariah.

 Stiletto finds Pariah on the top floor of the house, in a large room packed with weapons and explosives.  Pariah is also a martial arts expert, and an all-out fight ensues.  Several times Stiletto appears beaten, only to come back and gain the upper hand.  Finally, she uses a pair of long, very sharp knives from Pariah's arsenal to crucify him to the wall.  He rages in fury, but is unable to get himself free.

 Stiletto takes a grenade from the arsenal, pulls the pin, and stuffs it down Pariah's pants.

 "Say hello to Satan for me!"

 Pariah bellows in fury.  Stiletto runs across the room and leaps with a crash through the window.  She falls/rolls down a side roof to the ground below, and covers her head just as The House is blown to pieces around her.

 Summarizing Act 3:
 Dusting herself off, Stiletto finds Megan and Amy, and they return to the Hell Hole to meet up with the band.

 After saying her goodbyes to Megan and Amy and putting them on a bus for home, Stiletto takes her black motorcycle and rides through the night until she finds a quiet spot.  She sits under a tree, opens up her laptop computer, and chats with Steen.

 She tells him all that happened.  He congratulates her on her success.  But she is depressed – she still hasn't found the man with the attacking red tiger tattoo.  She will not rest until she finds the man who murdered her parents and destroyed her life.

 "And when I find him," she tells Steen. "I'm going to tear his heart out with my bare hands and show it to him as he dies."

 We see Steen, a sad look on his face as he tells her, "I know you will."  Then he disconnects.  The camera pans down, and on Steen's forearm is the attacking red tiger tattoo.

 Stiletto packs her computer, climbs onto her black motorcycle, and rides off into the night.